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Orange Alert for Heavy Rainfall in South Kerala: Weather Precautions Advised

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An orange alert has been issued for heavy to very heavy rainfall in South Kerala on December 18, raising concerns about potential weather-related challenges. As the region braces for intensified rainfall, residents must take weather precautions and stay informed about the evolving weather conditions.

Alert Details:

The meteorological department has issued an orange alert, indicating the likelihood of heavy to very heavy rainfall in South Kerala. This weather advisory serves as a cautionary measure, urging residents to be vigilant and prepared for adverse weather conditions.

Weather Precautions:

During this rainy season, individuals and communities must take weather precautions to ensure their safety. Residents are advised to stay indoors during heavy rainfall, avoid low-lying areas prone to flooding, and adhere to local authorities’ instructions. It is also essential to secure loose objects and belongings to prevent damage from strong winds.

Community Awareness:

Sharing information about the orange alert with those around you is crucial for community safety. Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to stay updated on weather forecasts and take necessary precautions. Community awareness plays a vital role in minimizing risks associated with heavy rainfall.

Be Aware, Stay Safe:

As South Kerala faces the prospect of intense rainfall, the mantra is to “be aware, stay safe.” Stay tuned to official weather updates, follow safety guidelines, and remain alert to any emergency notifications. Timely and informed actions can significantly contribute to individual and community well-being.

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