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“Orange Alert”: Heavy rainfall is expected in Uttar Pradesh on August 2nd.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an orange alert for Uttar Pradesh, indicating a high probability of heavy to very heavy rainfall on August 2nd. With continued very heavy rainfall in the western region until August 3rd, the state is gearing up to face the challenges posed by monsoonal showers. The IMD’s forecast serves as a crucial early warning to the authorities and residents, urging them to be proactive in taking necessary precautions and safety measures.

Monsoon season is a vital period for India, bringing much-needed respite from the scorching summer heat and replenishing water resources for agricultural activities. However, it also comes with the potential for heavy rainfall, flash floods, and landslides, posing risks to life, property, and infrastructure.

“In light of the orange alert, various departments of the state government are closely monitoring the weather situation and making necessary arrangements to handle any emergent scenarios. Relief teams, disaster management authorities, and emergency response personnel are on high alert, ready to assist affected communities and ensure their safety”.

Residents in vulnerable areas, especially those living in low-lying regions and near water bodies, are advised to exercise caution and follow the guidelines issued by local authorities. People should avoid venturing out during heavy downpours, and if evacuation orders are given, they should comply immediately for their safety.

“In urban areas, measures should be taken to prevent waterlogging, which often leads to traffic disruptions and poses health risks due to water contamination. Adequate drainage systems and regular cleaning of stormwater drains are vital to mitigate the impacts of heavy rainfall in cities and towns”.

“Farmers in the state are advised to safeguard their crops and livestock during this period. Proper drainage systems in agricultural fields and securing farm equipment can help minimize losses caused by waterlogging and soil erosion”.

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