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Orange Alert Issued: Andaman & Nicobar Islands Prepare for Heavy Rainfall and Gusty Winds

Attention, Andaman & Nicobar Islands! An Orange Alert has been issued, signifying the need for heightened vigilance and preparedness. The islands are anticipated to experience significant weather challenges from September 28th to 30th, including heavy rainfall and gusty winds.

Weather forecasts indicate that the region should brace for heavy rainfall, with precipitation levels ranging from 115.6 to 204.4 mm. Additionally, gusty winds with speeds of 40-50 kmph are expected during this period.

“Given the potential impact of these weather conditions, residents are strongly urged to prioritize safety measures. Heavy rainfall can lead to waterlogging, flooding, and other hazards, while strong winds may result in disrupted transportation and damage to property”.

To ensure safety, individuals should stay informed about weather updates through official channels and adhere to any advisories issued by local authorities. Preparing for adverse weather conditions by securing loose items, clearing drainage systems, and avoiding travel during inclement weather is crucial.

Stocking up on essential supplies and having an emergency plan in place can also help mitigate risks associated with severe weather. Safety should always be the top priority during such conditions, and taking proactive measures is key to safeguarding lives and property.

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