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Our campaign is going on continuously, we have done about 60,000 recruitments: MP CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan made an ambitious pledge on August 15 to recruit 1 lakh government jobs within a year. This significant announcement aimed to address the pressing issue of unemployment and provide a ray of hope to job seekers across Madhya Pradesh.

Since the announcement, the government’s concerted efforts and relentless campaign have yielded promising results. According to CM Chouhan, approximately 60 thousand recruitments have already been successfully conducted, marking substantial progress towards achieving the ambitious target.

CM Chouhan’s emphasis on providing government jobs not only offers stability and security to individuals and their families but also contributes to overall social and economic development. Government jobs come with various benefits and opportunities for growth, making them highly sought-after by job seekers of all ages.

As the campaign for job recruitment continues, the government’s dedication to fulfilling its promise remains unwavering. By creating a conducive environment for employment, CM Chouhan and his administration are fostering a sense of optimism and renewed hope for the state’s future.

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