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PM Commends Coal Companies for Eco-Park Development and Environmental Stewardship

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India’s Ministry of Coal has embarked on a commendable journey to enhance the environmental footprint of the coal industry. By fostering large-scale afforestation on decoaled land, overburden dumps, and non-coal-bearing areas, they are not only reclaiming the land but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. This collaborative effort with coal CPSEs (Central Public Sector Enterprises) reflects the government’s commitment to balance economic development with environmental conservation.

Planting for Progress

In the ongoing financial year, coal companies have already completed plantation activities on a substantial 2338 hectares of land, and an impressive 43 lakh saplings have taken root. This achievement showcases the scale of dedication and effort involved in the afforestation initiative. Over the past five years, a remarkable 10,000 hectares of land have been transformed into lush green areas, thanks to the planting of over 2.24 crore saplings.

Prime Minister Modi’s Praise

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has commended the extraordinary efforts of coal companies in rejuvenating decoaled land through the development of “Eco-Parks.” These eco-friendly initiatives align perfectly with India’s commitment to environmentally sustainable practices. The recent inauguration of the Chhattisgarh East Rail Corridor, designed for the eco-friendly evacuation of coal, further underscores the importance of such endeavors.

Prime Minister Modi’s Praise

Coal companies are undertaking a mission to bio-reclaim available land, emphasizing the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change’s endorsement of such plantations for “compensatory afforestation.” This forward-thinking approach ensures that afforested land will be accredited as an “Accredited Compensatory Afforestation Area” (ACA). This designation will be invaluable in future coal mining activities, reducing the need to divert coal-bearing forest land.

Dedicated Efforts and Prioritizing Sustainability

Every coal subsidiary has established a dedicated cell to promote bio-reclamation and plantation activities. The Ministry of Coal has placed the highest priority on environmentally sustainable measures, underlining its commitment to a just transition in coal-producing regions. The collaborative efforts of the Ministry, coal CPSEs, and the Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change exemplify the synergy required to strike a balance between economic development and environmental conservation.

India’s strides in afforestation on decoaled land serve as an exemplary model for other nations, emphasizing the possibility of sustainable coexistence between industry and the environment. These eco-conscious initiatives are paving the way for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for the country and the planet.

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