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PM Modi addresses MPs in the Central Hall of Parliament during the Special Session.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Members of Parliament during a Special Session, commencing with warm wishes for Ganesh Chaturthi. He noted the historic significance of the occasion, as parliamentary proceedings were taking place in the new Parliament building. PM Modi expressed his determination to transform India into a developed nation as the nation moves into this new landmark.

A Glimpse into the Parliament’s Rich History

Reflecting on the Parliament Building and the Central Hall, the Prime Minister delved into its inspiring history. He recalled its initial use as a library and its pivotal role in the formation of the Indian Constitution and the transfer of power during Independence. The Central Hall witnessed the adoption of India’s National Flag and National Anthem. It has been graced by 41 Heads of State and Governments from across the globe since 1952. Additionally, India’s Presidents have addressed the Central Hall 86 times. Over the decades, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha have passed about four thousand Acts, including significant ones like the Dowry Prohibition Act, the Banking Service Commission Bill, and laws addressing terrorism and Triple Talaq. The Prime Minister highlighted laws benefiting Transgenders and Divyangs.

A Glimpse into the Parliament’s Rich History

PM Modi recognized the contributions of public representatives in repealing Article 370, enabling the implementation of India’s Constitution in Jammu & Kashmir. He emphasized that Jammu & Kashmir is now on a path of peace and development, with its people determined not to miss opportunities. He referred to his Independence Day 2023 address, highlighting India’s renewed consciousness and energy. He expressed confidence in India’s rapid progress and its potential to become one of the top three economies globally.

India’s Achievements and Aspirations

PM Modi praised India’s achievements, including its robust banking sector, digital infrastructure, and global acceptance of initiatives like UPI and Digital Stacks. He emphasized the importance of seizing the present moment, as Indian aspirations reach an all-time high. He stressed that the Parliament’s highest responsibility is to frame new laws and remove outdated ones to support these aspirations.

Expanding India’s Canvas and Aatmnirbhar Bharat

PM Modi urged a broader perspective, akin to the grand heritage of India, to paint the canvas of a grand India. He highlighted the significance of Aatmnirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India) and the world’s acknowledgment of India’s model. He called for unity in achieving self-reliance in defense, manufacturing, energy, and more.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need to set global benchmarks in manufacturing, following the model of ‘Zero Defect, Zero Effect.’ He encouraged the belief that Indian products can be the best globally, from agriculture to software and handicrafts.

New Education Policy and India’s Ancient Heritage

PM Modi praised the acceptance of the New Education Policy and highlighted India’s ancient Nalanda University, a source of amazement for foreign dignitaries. He urged deriving inspiration from this historical legacy.

The Prime Minister celebrated India’s growing sporting success, particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and called for the Tricolour to adorn every sports podium. He stressed the importance of quality to enhance citizens’ quality of life.

In his address, PM Modi encapsulated the essence of India’s progress, aspirations, and the path forward toward achieving its developmental goals.

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