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PM Modi Extends Birthday Wishes to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conveyed heartfelt birthday greetings to Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, highlighting his esteemed position as a valued Cabinet colleague admired for his wisdom and dedication. PM Modi acknowledges Singh’s rise in public life through hard work and commitment to service, noting his pivotal role in bolstering India’s defence capabilities and advancing self-reliance in the sector.

Celebrating Rajnath Singh’s Leadership

PM Modi praises Singh’s leadership as Defence Minister, underscoring his pivotal role in strengthening India’s defence apparatus and promoting self-reliance in defence production.

A Respected Figure in Indian Politics

Rajnath Singh’s illustrious political career spans roles such as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Minister of Agriculture, and Home Minister, where he made significant contributions to national governance and policy.

From BJP President to Defence Minister

Singh’s journey from serving as the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to his current role as Defence Minister reflects his enduring commitment to public service and leadership within the party.

PM Modi extends prayers for Rajnath Singh’s long and healthy life, emphasizing his continued contributions to the nation’s progress and welfare.

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