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PM Modi Calls for ‘Vocal for Local’ Celebrations: A Digital Tribute to Indian Talent

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In a significant digital initiative, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has extended a heartfelt call to the masses, urging them to celebrate India’s rich entrepreneurial and creative spirit. His recent message highlights the importance of supporting local talent, encouraging the purchase of indigenous products, and showcasing the country’s cultural and traditional diversity through digital media.

“Sharing his thoughts on a digital platform, Prime Minister Modi posted a motivating message that resonated with the spirit of the nation. His call to action reads, “This Diwali, let us celebrate India’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit with Vocal for Local threads on the NaMo app.” The initiative emphasizes the significance of purchasing and promoting products that have been crafted locally”.

Prime Minister Modi’s message further invites individuals to take part in this celebration by purchasing items that are made in India and then posting a selfie with the product or its maker on the NaMo App. This initiative seeks to leverage the power of digital media, encouraging people to showcase their support for local talent and entrepreneurship.

“The ‘Vocal for Local’ initiative on the NaMo App is not merely about commerce but represents a movement to appreciate and promote the talent, creativity, and hard work of fellow Indians. By participating in this digital campaign, citizens have the opportunity to foster a sense of national pride, showcase traditional craftsmanship, and endorse indigenous skills”.

The call to ‘Vocal for Local’ aligns with the larger narrative of self-reliance and sustenance of homegrown industries. It is a testament to Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, urging people to empower local businesses, artisans, and entrepreneurs.

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