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PM Modi Commends Indian Diaspora: Celebrating India’s Global Engagement

PM Modi recently expressed his appreciation for the Indian diaspora’s significant contributions to fostering stronger ties between India and the world. In a post on social media platform X, he conveyed his pride in the diaspora’s efforts to deepen India’s engagement globally.

PM Modi shared his anticipation of participating in the Ahlan Modi program, an event dedicated to the Indian community residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Through this gathering, he aims to connect with and acknowledge the invaluable role played by the Indian diaspora in enhancing India’s global presence.

In his message, PM Modi highlighted the importance of the diaspora in strengthening India’s relations with other nations. Their efforts not only promote India’s cultural richness and diversity but also contribute significantly to economic growth and development.

The Ahlan Modi program presents a unique opportunity for the Prime Minister to interact with members of the Indian community living in the UAE, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. It serves as a platform to celebrate their achievements, aspirations, and shared commitment to India’s progress.

As Prime Minister Modi eagerly looks forward to joining the Indian diaspora at the Ahlan Modi event, he extends a warm invitation to all to partake in this memorable occasion. Through such engagements, he continues to nurture and deepen India’s bonds with its global family, reinforcing the significance of unity, solidarity, and collaboration on the international stage.

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