Thursday, February 22, 2024
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PM Modi Distributes Appointment Letters & Lays Foundation Stone for Karmayogi Bhavan

PM Modi significantly boosted India’s workforce by distributing over 1 lakh appointment letters to newly recruited individuals and initiating the construction of Phase I of the Integrated Complex “Karmayogi Bhavan” in New Delhi.

Addressing the gathering via video conferencing, Prime Minister Modi congratulated the recruits and their families, highlighting the government’s commitment to providing job opportunities and fostering transparency in recruitment procedures. He emphasized the significance of equal opportunities for showcasing skills and underscored the government’s efforts in completing recruitment processes efficiently.

Furthermore, PM Modi outlined the government’s initiatives to stimulate employment growth, including the introduction of 1 crore rooftop solar plants to create job opportunities in renewable energy. He also lauded India’s thriving startup ecosystem and announced continued tax rebates for startups to promote innovation and job creation.

Discussing the transformation of India’s railway sector, Prime Minister Modi emphasized modernization efforts and the introduction of amenities to enhance passenger experience. He highlighted the significant investment in infrastructure projects, including railways, roads, airports, and waterways, aimed at generating employment and accelerating development.

Addressing reforms in the selection process for paramilitary forces, Prime Minister Modi emphasized inclusivity by conducting examinations in multiple Indian languages, ensuring equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. He encouraged government personnel to contribute to the nation-building process and utilize resources like the Karmayogi Bharat Portal for skill enhancement.

PM Modi’s initiatives underscore the government’s commitment to fostering job creation, transparency, and inclusive growth, setting the stage for a vibrant and resilient economy in the years to come.

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