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PM Modi expresses grief over the bus accident in Jammu and Kashmir.

On 31st of May Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed profound grief and condolences over the tragic bus accident that occurred in Jammu and Kashmir. In a gesture of compassion, PM Modi announced an Ex-Gratia payment of Rs. 2 lakhs from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF) for the families of each deceased. Additionally, Rs. 50,000 would be provided to those injured in the accident. This compassionate response by the Prime Minister showcases his commitment to providing support and solace to those affected by such devastating incidents.

Expressing Grief and Sorrow:

The news of the bus accident in Jammu and Kashmir deeply saddened Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In a heartfelt message, he expressed his grief and conveyed his condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the tragic incident. PM Modi’s empathetic response acknowledges the pain and loss experienced by the victims’ families and highlights his commitment to standing by them during this challenging time.

Ex-Gratia Support for the Deceased:

Recognizing the need for immediate assistance to the families of the deceased, Prime Minister Modi announced an Ex-Gratiapayment of Rs. 2 lakhs from the PMNRF for each of the deceased. This financial support aims to provide some relief to grieving families and help them cope with the financial challenges that may arise due to the sudden loss of their loved ones. The Ex-Gratia payment demonstrates the government’s commitment to standing with the affected families and offering assistance during their time of need.

Support for the Injured:

Alongside the Ex-Gratia support for the deceased, Prime Minister Modi also announced financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 for those injured in the bus accident. This aid aims to help cover their immediate medical expenses and provide support as they recover from their injuries. The government’s support for the injured individuals underscores the commitment to not only addressing the loss of lives but also to aiding in the recovery and well-being of those affected by the accident.

PM Modi’s Compassionate Leadership:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s swift response and announcement of Ex-Gratia payments reflect his compassionate leadership and commitment to serving the people of India. His decision to offer financial support through the PMNRF showcases the government’s proactive approach to extending assistance during times of crisis. PM Modi’s gesture not only provides financial relief to the affected families but also serves as a source of solace, assuring them that they are not alone in their grief.

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