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Revanth Reddy Takes Oath As Chief Minister of Telangana, PM congratulated

In a significant political development, Anumula Revanth Reddy, Chief of Telangana Congress, took the oath as the state’s second Chief Minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi extended heartfelt congratulations to Reddy, emphasizing the commitment to supporting Telangana’s progress and the well-being of its citizens.

“I assure all possible support to further the progress of the state and the welfare of its citizens,” stated PM Modi, acknowledging the swearing-in ceremony held at Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium in Hyderabad. The event drew a massive crowd of nearly 1 lakh spectators.

Anumula Revanth Reddy, instrumental in the Congress’s resounding victory in the November 30 Assembly polls, faced internal party opposition to his Chief Ministerial appointment. However, his leadership and campaign efforts against the incumbent K Chandrashekar Rao-led Bharat Rashtra Samithi played a pivotal role in securing 65 out of 119 Assembly seats for the Congress.

The swearing-in ceremony saw 11 members of Reddy’s cabinet taking the oath, including Deputy Chief Minister Mallu Bhatti Vikaramarka and former Telangana Congress chief N Uttam Kumar Reddy, among others. The Gandhi family, Congress leaders, and prominent political figures attended the event, showcasing the party’s unity.

“Revanth Reddy, often referred to as “Tiger Revanth” by his supporters, has been a dynamic force within the Congress since his switch from TDP in 2017. His spirited campaign against the KCR-led government and advocacy on various issues contributed significantly to the Congress’s triumph”.

However, Reddy’s journey to the Chief Minister post was not without challenges. Detractors within the party raised corruption allegations and questioned his elevation. Despite these hurdles, Reddy’s strategic efforts to secure party tickets for his loyalists paid off, garnering the support needed to assume the top post.

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