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PM Modi Flags off Vande Bharat Express through video conferencing.

On 25th of May India’s Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, flagged off the inaugural run of the Vande Bharat Express from Dehradun to Delhi via video conferencing, marking a significant milestone in the country’s transportation sector. Alongside this momentous occasion, the Prime Minister dedicated newly electrified rail sections and declared Uttarakhand a 100% electric traction state. In his address, he highlighted the importance of this development for the state and its potential impact on tourism, connectivity, and overall progress.

Inaugural Run of Vande Bharat Express

The Prime Minister commended the launch of the Vande Bharat Express, a state-of-the-art train connecting Dehradun and Delhi. He expressed his congratulations to the people of Uttarakhand and stated that this train would establish a seamless connection between the nation’s capital and the spiritually significant region of Dev Bhoomi. With an emphasis on further reducing travel time and providing onboard amenities, the Vande Bharat Express promises a pleasant and efficient travel experience for passengers.

Uttarakhand’s Electric Traction State Declaration

During the event, the Prime Minister declared Uttarakhand as a 100% electric traction state. This significant move showcases the government’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. By electrifying the entire rail network in Uttarakhand, the state sets an example for others to follow in reducing carbon emissions and promoting cleaner modes of travel. This declaration aligns with the government’s vision of building a greener and more sustainable future.

The Prime Minister’s Address

Shri Narendra Modi shed light on his recent three-nation tour to Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, emphasizing that the world is looking to India with high hopes. He spoke about India’s remarkable progress in strengthening its economy and fighting poverty, making it a beacon of hope for the world. The Prime Minister also highlighted India’s successful handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the world’s largest vaccination campaign, which showcased the nation’s resilience and commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

India’s Global Standing

Recognizing the tremendous potential of beautiful states like Uttarakhand, the Prime Minister urged them to seize the current global interest in visiting India. He stressed that Uttarakhand has a unique opportunity to showcase its spiritual heritage and attract tourists from around the world. The Vande Bharat Express, in particular, will play a crucial role in enabling Uttarakhand to maximize this opportunity and boost tourism in the region.

Development of Uttarakhand

Shri Narendra Modi reminisced about his visit to Kedarnath and his statement regarding the decade of Uttarakhand, envisioning a future where the state would flourish both spiritually and economically. He commended the state’s development initiatives while maintaining a robust law and order situation. The Prime Minister expressed his hope that Uttarakhand, known as Devbhoomi, would become the spiritual consciousness center of the world and emphasized the need for concerted efforts to realize this potential.

Navratnas of Development

The Prime Minister outlined the government’s focus on the “Navratna,” or nine gems of development, in Uttarakhand. These include rejuvenation work at Kedarnath-Badrinath Dham, ropeway projects at Gaurikund-Kedarnath and Gobind Ghat-Hemkunt Sahib, renovation of ancient temples through the Manas Khand Mandir Mala program, promotion of homestays, development of ecotourism destinations, expansion of health services, the Tehri Lake Development Project, the capitalization of Haridwar Rishikesh as a yoga and adventure tourism hub, and the Tanakpur Bageshwar Rail Line.

Infrastructure Push in Uttarakhand

The Prime Minister stressed the importance of infrastructure development in Uttarakhand and highlighted ongoing projects that would enhance connectivity and drive investment, industry, and employment. The Char Dham Mahapariyojana, with an allocated budget of Rs 12,000 crore, is progressing rapidly. Additionally, the Delhi-Dehradun Expressway and Rishikesh-Karanprayag Rail Project are set to significantly improve accessibility to various parts of Uttarakhand, thereby facilitating growth and economic prosperity.

Tourism and Film Shooting Destination

Shri Narendra Modi acknowledged the role of the Central Government in assisting Uttarakhand’s growth as a hub for tourism, adventure tourism, film shooting, and wedding destinations. The state’s captivating tourist spots are attracting visitors from all corners of the world, and the Vande Bharat Express will undoubtedly enhance their experience. The Prime Minister emphasized that train travel remains a preferred choice, especially for families, and the Vande Bharat Express is quickly becoming the go-to mode of transportation.

Vande Bharat Express Benefits

The Prime Minister highlighted the significance of infrastructure development in propelling India’s progress in the 21st century. He contrasted the present situation with the lack of emphasis on infrastructure in previous governments, often plagued by corruption and dynastic politics. The Prime Minister’s administration, however, has prioritized infrastructure development, kickstarting the dream of the country’s first high-speed train and preparing the network for semi-high-speed trains. The electrification of rail lines has made remarkable progress, with over 90% of the country’s railway network now electrified and Uttarakhand achieving complete electrification.

Transforming Indian Railways

Shri Narendra Modi attributed the accomplishments in rail electrification and overall development to the government’s unwavering dedication, policies, and intentions. He emphasized that the increased railway budget has directly benefited Uttarakhand, empowering the state with the necessary resources for growth. The average rail budget for Uttarakhand has grown exponentially, ensuring the region’s connectivity development and preventing future generations from facing the challenges of isolation and limited access. The Prime Minister stressed that modern connectivity not only benefits the people but also ensures ease of access to the nation’s borders for the soldiers who safeguard the country.

Development Work in Uttarakhand

The Prime Minister reiterated the double-engine government’s commitment to the development of Uttarakhand. He emphasized that Uttarakhand’s rapid progress would contribute to India’s overall advancement. Shri Narendra Modi expressed his confidence in the country’s trajectory and highlighted that India is now moving forward at the speed of the Vande Bharat Express, symbolizing the nation’s momentum and determination for growth.

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