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PM Modi Leaves for Mumbai to Address the 141st IOC Session.

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is poised to make his presence felt at the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session, to be held in Mumbai. As he prepares to address this esteemed gathering, he underlines India’s deep-rooted connection with the Olympics movement and the nation’s joy in hosting such a significant event.

In his statement, Prime Minister Modi said, “Leaving for Mumbai, where I will be addressing the 141st IOC Session. India is delighted to host this prestigious gathering, which will deepen our connection with the Olympics movement.” His words reflect not only the nation’s enthusiasm but also its commitment to fostering closer ties with the global Olympic community.

The 141st IOC Session, hosted by India, serves as a platform for discussing and shaping policies related to the Olympics, as well as recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements in the world of sports. Prime Minister Modi’s participation underscores India’s dedication to sports, athletic excellence, and the broader Olympic ideals.

This event provides an opportunity to strengthen India’s position in the international sporting arena and reaffirms the country’s commitment to promoting sports, fitness, and wellness on a global scale. It also showcases India’s growing role in advancing the spirit of sportsmanship and cooperation on the world stage.

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