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PM Modi Pays Homage to Tribal Icon: Visits Lord Birsa Munda Museum in Ranchi

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In a powerful tribute to the rich legacy of Birsa Munda, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Lord Birsa Munda Museum in Ranchi, paying respects to the iconic tribal leader who played a pivotal role in India’s fight for independence. The visit included the offering of floral tributes, symbolizing a moment of deep reverence for Birsa Munda’s contributions to the nation.

Birsa Munda, born on November 15, 1875, belonged to the Munda tribe and emerged as a formidable voice against British colonial oppression. His leadership was instrumental in orchestrating a tribal religious millenarian movement in the Bengal Presidency, now known as Jharkhand. The heart of this revolt was concentrated in the Munda belt, encompassing regions such as Khunti, Tamar, Sarwada, and Bandgaon.

“Educated in Salga under the guidance of Jaipal Nag, Birsa’s life took a turn when he joined the German Mission School, later leaving it upon discovering the British intent to convert tribals to Christianity through education. This pivotal moment led to the creation of the Birsait faith, challenging British activities as members of the Munda community joined in defiance”.

The Birsaits boldly declared the British, not Christian Mundas, as their true adversaries. The core grievance sparking the Munda revolt was the unjust land-grabbing practices by colonial and local authorities, disrupting the traditional tribal land system. Birsa Munda is remembered for his unwavering stand against British Christian missionaries, and his portrait now hangs in the Indian Parliament Museum as a testament to his indomitable spirit.

“Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the Lord Birsa Munda Museum not only honors a significant historical figure but also underscores the resilience and courage embedded in the tribal history of India. The floral tributes symbolize a national acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by Birsa Munda, highlighting his enduring impact on the fight for independence and the preservation of tribal identity”.

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