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PM Modi said Bhairon Singh ji will be remembered for his service.

Last updated on July 29th, 2023 at 03:19 pm

PM Modi on 19th of December, “Naik (Retd) Bhairon Singh Ji will be remembered for his service to our nation. He showed great courage at a crucial point in our nation’s history. Saddened by his passing away. My thoughts are with his family in this hour of sadness. Om Shanti”.

Know about Bhairon Singh Rathore,

You must have seen the scene of the martyrdom of Bhairon Singh in the role of Sunil Shetty in the 1997 border film on the Indo-Pak war of 1971, but you will be surprised to know that this real hero of the border film Bhairon Singh lived in oblivion in his own land, Shergarh.

Life is living Born in Solankiatala village of Shergarh, the land of brave warriors, Bhairon Singh Rathore was posted in 14 battalions of BSF at Longewala post in Jaisalmer in 1971.

Where Bhairon Singh had soured the teeth of Pak soldiers by showing his extraordinary bravery and bravery.

At the Longewala post on the Indo-Pak border, he was stationed with Major Kuldeep Singh’s company of 120 soldiers and faced the enemy by destroying the tanks of Pakistan and killing them. Surma Bhairon Singh of Shergarh killed 15-20 Pakistani enemies with MFG. Due to the bravery and bravery of Shauryaveer Bhairon Singh, Sunil Shetty played the role of Rathore in the film Border released in 1997.

Bhairon Singh was described as a martyr in the film, but in real life Bhairon Singh, the real hero of the film is living his life in Solankiatala, his homeland.

Bhairon Singh says that it is a matter of pride to show his role in the film Border, it is like filling enthusiasm among the youth. But filming as a martyr is wrong.

For his bravery in the 1971 war, Rathore was awarded the Sena Medal by the then Chief Minister Barkatullah Khan. However, he is not getting the benefits and pension allowance given by BSF in the form of a Sena Medal. Due to this, he is living an anonymous life.

Significantly, Rathore retired in 1987 after joining BSF in 1963. But today even at the age of 75, he is leading a routine life like a young man.

On Monday 19 December (2022), Bhairon Singh Rathore, a BSF veteran of the 1971 India-Pakistan war and portrayed by actor Suniel Shetty in the Bollywood movie ‘Border’, died in Jodhpur. He was eighty-one. .”

The braveheart died today at AIIMS, Jodhpur.

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