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PM Modi Shares Tadasana Video for International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken to social media to promote the practice of Tadasana, also known as the palm tree posture, ahead of the 10th edition of International Yoga Day on June 21. In a video clip posted today, PM Modi demonstrated and explained the health benefits of Tadasana, emphasizing its role in enhancing strength and body alignment.

“Tadasana is very good for the body. It will ensure more strength and better alignment,” Prime Minister Modi remarked in his post on the X platform, encouraging citizens to incorporate yoga into their daily routines for improved physical and mental well-being.

Tadasana, a fundamental standing pose in yoga, focuses on improving posture, increasing flexibility, and promoting overall body awareness. The Prime Minister’s initiative aims to inspire people globally to adopt yoga as a holistic approach to maintaining health and wellness.

As preparations for International Yoga Day gain momentum, PM Modi’s advocacy for Tadasana underscores its accessibility and benefits for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. The video clip serves as a practical guide for beginners and enthusiasts alike, highlighting the simplicity and effectiveness of this foundational yoga posture.

Through his social media outreach, Prime Minister Modi continues to champion yoga as a universal practice that fosters harmony between mind and body, promoting a healthier lifestyle and stress-free living. Citizens are encouraged to join in celebrating International Yoga Day by participating in yoga sessions and embracing its transformative impact on health.

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