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PM Modi to Install Sacred Symbol of Fair Governance, Sengol, in New Parliament House: History Repeats Itself

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi to install the sacred symbol of fair governance, Sengol, in the new Parliament House on Sunday.
  2. The Sengol, received by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947, symbolizes India’s transfer of power and marks the true essence of independence.
  3. Home Minister Amit Shah explains the significance of the Sengol, derived from the Tamil word “Semmai,” meaning righteousness.
  4. The installation of the Sengol in the Lok Sabha reaffirms the commitment to just and fair governance.

History Repeats Itself: Prime Minister Modi to Install Sengol in New Parliament House

In a significant event on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate the new Parliament House to the nation by installing the sacred symbol of fair and equitable governance, Sengol. This momentous occasion echoes the historical event of 1947 when India witnessed the transfer of power from the British Empire.

Sengol: Symbol of Righteousness and Fair Rule

Home Minister Amit Shah provides insight into the profound meaning of the Sengol. Derived from the Tamil word “Semmai,” which signifies righteousness, the Sengol carries immense significance. It is blessed by the high priests of a prominent Dharmic Mutt in Tamil Nadu and features a hand-carved Nandi, symbolizing justice and righteousness. The recipient of the Sengol holds the “order” to rule justly and fairly, a crucial reminder for those entrusted with serving the people.

Installation in the Lok Sabha: A Sacred and Appropriate Setting

The new Parliament House holds immense sanctity as the venue for installing the historic Sengol. Prominently placed near the Speaker’s podium, the Sengol from 1947 will be displayed for the nation to witness. On special occasions, it will be taken out, serving as a reminder of India’s commitment to fair and equitable governance.

Upholding the Spirit of Independence: Sengol’s Significance

The establishment of the Sengol symbolizes the indelible spirit of India’s independence. It represents boundless hope, infinite possibilities, and a resolute determination to build a strong and prosperous nation. As a symbol of the Amrit Kaal, the Sengol embodies the glorious era in which India rightfully takes its place on the global stage.

Historic Role of Mutts Acknowledged

The Tamil Nadu government acknowledges the pivotal role played by the Mutts in the state’s Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department. Their involvement is recognized in the 2021-22 policy note, underscoring their status as royal counselors.

Sharing the Historic Event: Sengol Website Launched

To ensure widespread awareness of this historic event, a dedicated website ( has been launched by the Home Minister. The website provides detailed information and downloadable videos, allowing people across India to learn about and celebrate this significant moment.

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