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PM Modi to Visit South Africa and Greece, will Attend 15th BRICS Summit.

In a significant stride towards fostering international cooperation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is embarking on a diplomatic journey that will take him to two pivotal nations, South Africa and Greece. The visit comes at the invitation of esteemed leaders and is set to encompass participation in crucial summits, bilateral discussions, and the exploration of historical ties. These visits hold the promise of fortifying relationships, discussing pressing global issues and charting the course for future collaborations.

A Spotlight on the BRICS Summit in South Africa

The Republic of South Africa is gearing up to host the 15th BRICS Summit, a gathering that brings together five major emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Prime Minister Modi’s presence at the summit, from August 22nd to 24th, marks India’s active engagement in this platform. At the heart of the summit’s agenda lies the pursuit of robust cooperation across various sectors. PM Modi’s statement affirms the significance of BRICS as a forum for deliberating on matters pertinent to the Global South, encompassing developmental imperatives and multilateral system reforms.

BRICS–Africa Outreach and Beyond

During his stay in Johannesburg, PM Modi will also participate in the BRICS–Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue event, underscoring the collaborative spirit between the BRICS nations and the African continent. This engagement signifies a commitment to nurturing partnerships that extend beyond geographical boundaries. Furthermore, bilateral meetings with fellow leaders attending the summit reflect a commitment to strengthening diplomatic ties and fostering dialogue on critical global issues.

Charting New Frontiers in Greece

From South Africa, Prime Minister Modi’s journey continues as he travels to Athens, Greece, on August 25th. This visit holds historical significance as he becomes the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Greece in over four decades. The shared history between India and Greece dates back millennia, and in the present day, the two nations are united by democratic values, the rule of law, and pluralism. As bilateral cooperation flourishes in trade, investment, defense, culture, and people-to-people interactions, PM Modi’s visit seeks to solidify these multifaceted connections.

Fostering Multifaceted Relationships

PM Modi’s statement emphasizes that his visit to Greece is not just a journey between two nations, but an exploration of civilizations that have intertwined for centuries. The Prime Minister’s foray into Greece opens a new chapter in their relationship, one that promises to usher in fresh opportunities for collaboration and mutual growth.

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