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PM Narendra Modi Pays Tribute to Sir M Visvesvaraya on Engineers Day

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On the occasion of Engineers Day, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi paid heartfelt tributes to the legendary engineer and statesman, Sir M Visvesvaraya. This day is not only a celebration of engineers but also a moment to honor the contributions of a visionary who continues to inspire generations with his dedication to innovation and nation-building.

Remembering Sir M Visvesvaraya:

Sir M Visvesvaraya, a name etched in the annals of Indian engineering history, is revered for his exemplary contributions. Prime Minister Modi reflected on the enduring influence of this iconic figure, emphasizing that Visvesvaraya’s legacy serves as a beacon, encouraging engineers to innovate and serve the nation.

A Glimpse of Chikkaballapura:

The Prime Minister shared glimpses from his visit to Chikkaballapura, a place of immense significance in Sir M Visvesvaraya’s life. During his visit earlier this year, Shri Modi paid homage to the great engineer, highlighting the importance of preserving and honoring the memory of those who have paved the way for India’s progress.

Prime Minister’s Messages:

  1. Inspiration for Generations: Prime Minister Modi’s message encapsulates the essence of Sir M Visvesvaraya’s legacy: “On #EngineersDay, we pay homage to Sir M Visvesvaraya, a visionary engineer and statesman. He continues to inspire generations to innovate and serve the nation. Here are glimpses from Chikkaballapura, where I paid homage to him during my visit earlier this year.”
  2. Greetings to Hardworking Engineers: The Prime Minister extended warm greetings to all hardworking engineers, recognizing their pivotal role in India’s development: “Greetings to all hardworking engineers on #EngineersDay! Their innovative minds and tireless dedication have been the backbone of our nation’s progress. From infrastructural marvels to tech breakthroughs, their contributions touch every aspect of our lives.”


Engineers Day is not just an occasion to celebrate the engineering profession; it’s a day to honor the spirit of innovation and dedication exemplified by great minds like Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The Prime Minister’s tribute reminds us of the enduring influence of visionary engineers and their invaluable contributions to the nation’s growth.

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