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PM Rishi Sunak: The UK will always stand with our allies against terror

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In the face of the rapidly evolving situation in the eastern Mediterranean, the UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has taken decisive action by directing the deployment of essential military assets. The primary objectives of this deployment are to extend support to Israel, fortify regional stability, and prevent any further escalation of tensions.

Maritime Patrol and Surveillance Aircraft

As part of this strategic deployment, maritime patrol and surveillance aircraft will commence operations in the region, beginning on the upcoming Friday. Their mission will focus on monitoring and tracking potential threats to regional stability, particularly activities related to the transfer of weapons to terrorist groups. This surveillance is a vital component in ensuring regional security and responding to potential risks effectively.

Royal Navy Task Group for Humanitarian Support

In addition to the aerial surveillance, a Royal Navy task group is set to be relocated to the eastern Mediterranean in the coming week. This strategic move serves as a contingency measure aimed at providing crucial support for humanitarian efforts in the region. The presence of the Royal Navy task group underscores the UK’s commitment to assisting those in need and maintaining stability during times of crisis.

Royal Navy Task Group for Humanitarian Support

The military assets being deployed as part of this operation are extensive and include P8 aircraft, surveillance resources, two Royal Navy ships – RFA Lyme Bay and RFA Argus, three Merlin helicopters, and a contingent of Royal Marines. This formidable package is prepared to offer practical support to Israel and regional partners, providing both deterrence and assurance in these challenging times.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister has called for the reinforcement of all military teams in Israel, Cyprus, and neighboring regions. This reinforcement is intended to support contingency planning and assist neighboring countries in managing any potential spill-over effects from the instability in Israel.

International Diplomacy and Cooperation

The UK’s commitment to addressing the situation extends beyond military actions. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has engaged in diplomatic discussions and conversations with world leaders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the regional dynamics. He recently spoke with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, focusing on the broader regional context and the importance of supporting civilians in Gaza. The UK also expressed its gratitude for Egypt’s assistance in ensuring the safety of British nationals in the region.

International Diplomacy and Cooperation

The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, emphasized the need to prevent the recurrence of tragic events and to support efforts for regional stability and conflict de-escalation. The UK’s military and diplomatic teams in the region are actively collaborating with international partners to restore security and ensure that humanitarian aid reaches the innocent victims affected by recent violence.

International Collaborations at the Joint Expeditionary Force Summit

The Prime Minister is set to address northern European leaders about the situation in Israel during the Joint Expeditionary Force summit in Sweden. The discussions are expected to revolve around the importance of regional stability and cooperation across the Middle East, while also maintaining a focus on supporting Ukraine’s defense against Russia.

During his visit to Gotland, Sweden, the Prime Minister will take the opportunity to explore the capabilities of the British warship HMS Diamond, which plays a crucial role in reinforcing security in northern Europe. He will also gain insights into the operations of HMS Duncan, another ship deployed in the Mediterranean as part of NATO.

Supporting Israel’s Right to Self-Defense

This robust package of military support, in collaboration with existing allies in the region, emphasizes the UK’s commitment to Israel’s right to self-defense and the region’s security. The UK’s preparedness to adapt to the evolving situation and provide comprehensive support demonstrates its dedication to upholding the principles of peace, security, and stability.

This deployment represents a substantial demonstration of the UK’s commitment to standing with its allies and ensuring regional stability in the face of rising tensions. It comes in the wake of conversations between the UK Prime Minister and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with discussions among NATO counterparts. The UK’s commitment to providing support and humanitarian assistance underscores its dedication to peace and security in the region.

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