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‘PM Vishwakarma’ Scheme: A Blend of Tradition and Livelihood, Says Dr. Jitendra Singh

Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State for Science & Technology, MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances, Pensions, Atomic Energy, and Space, lauded the ‘PM Vishwakarma’ scheme as a remarkable convergence of India’s deep-rooted cultural ethos and traditional craftsmanship. Speaking during the launch of the scheme by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Jammu, Dr. Jitendra Singh emphasized its significance in sustaining India’s age-old Guru-Shishya Parampara while providing opportunities for livelihood.

The Union Minister commended Prime Minister Modi’s leadership in combining India’s traditional knowledge with modern technology, citing Chandrayaan as a prime example of this synergy. Dr. Singh highlighted that the mission’s nomenclature, including ‘Chandrayan,’ ‘Vikram’ for the lander, and ‘Shiv Shakti’ for the landing site on the Moon’s South Pole, reflects the preservation of India’s rich civilizational heritage. He noted that India’s achievements in lunar exploration and space technology place it ahead of so-called developed nations, making them look to India for leadership.

“Dr. Jitendra Singh deemed the launch of the ‘PM Vishwakarma’ scheme as a historic milestone in India’s development journey. He emphasized that the scheme aims to bring traditional artisans and craftsmen, who have preserved India’s centuries-old traditions and crafts, into the mainstream”. These artisans, often overlooked since Independence, now receive much-needed support and skill development under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

Highlighting the government’s dedication to inclusive development, Dr. Singh cited various initiatives, including the distribution of 10 crore Ujjwala connections, construction of 12 crore toilets under the Swachh Bharat Mission, provision of 13 crore connections under the Jal Jeevan Mission, issuance of 18 crore health cards under Ayushman Bharat, Mudra Loans, and the PM Kisan Nidhi scheme. These endeavors underscore the government’s commitment to uplifting those marginalized by previous administrations, ensuring that no one is left behind in India’s journey towards progress and prosperity.

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