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Prem Singh Tamang Attends the meeting of the NDA chaired by PM Modi in New Delhi.

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Prem Singh Tamang, popularly known as Golay and the Chief Minister of Sikkim, attended a meeting of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in New Delhi, chaired by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Golay expressed his gratitude and admiration for the able leadership and guidance of the Prime Minister. He reaffirmed the collective commitment of the NDA to serve the people, provide good governance, and focus on overall development, ensuring a promising future for all.

Prem Singh Tamang emphasized the importance of the NDA meeting as a platform to reinforce their commitment to public service. With the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the helm, Golay expressed confidence in the alliance’s ability to address the needs and aspirations of the people effectively. He acknowledged the Prime Minister’s leadership as a driving force behind the NDA’s dedication to serving the nation and its citizens.

Golay highlighted the significance of good governance in delivering efficient and transparent administration to the people. Under the guidance of Prime Minister Modi, the NDA alliance remains steadfast in its commitment to providing accountable governance and working towards the welfare of the nation. Golay acknowledged the Prime Minister’s vision and applauded his efforts to create a conducive environment for overall development.

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