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President Draupadi Murmu Wishes Everyone a Happy Easter

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In a message resonating with the spirit of Easter, President Droupadi Murmu extends warm greetings to all, particularly to the Christian community, on the occasion of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Emphasizing the profound significance of this event, she underscores its role in promoting values of love, hope, and universal fraternity.

Easter, known as Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, holds a central place in the Christian tradition, commemorating Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Rooted in the New Testament accounts, Easter symbolizes renewal and redemption, following the solemn period of Lent characterized by fasting and penance.

The observance of Easter extends beyond the resurrection itself, encompassing Holy Week—a time of reflection and remembrance leading up to Easter Sunday. From Palm Sunday to Good Friday, Christians worldwide engage in rituals and ceremonies marking key events in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Easter traditions vary across cultures and regions, encompassing sunrise services, Paschal greetings, and the symbolic decoration of Easter eggs. These customs, rooted in centuries-old practices, serve to reinforce the spiritual significance of Easter and unite believers in shared celebrations.

Furthermore, Easter’s cultural resonance extends beyond religious boundaries, with customs such as Easter parades, egg hunts, and the iconic Easter Bunny transcending religious affiliation to become cherished traditions for many.

As President Droupadi Murmu aptly notes, the teachings of Jesus Christ espouse principles of peace and harmony, resonating with the universal aspirations for a world founded on compassion and understanding.

In essence, Easter stands as a time of renewal and rejoicing, inviting all to embrace its message of hope and reconciliation. As believers and non-believers alike come together to celebrate this sacred occasion, the spirit of Easter serves as a beacon of light in an ever-changing world

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