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President Murmu Advocates Balanced Development for Uttarakhand: Ecology and Economy

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Uttarakhand: President Droupadi Murmu highlights the crucial aspect of holistic development in Uttarakhand, shedding light on the state government’s initiative to assess the Gross Environment Product (GEP). This innovative step is envisioned to provide a comprehensive perspective, aligning economic progress with environmental preservation in the state.

“In the development of Uttarakhand, emphasis is being laid on both Ecology and Economy,” stated President Droupadi Murmu, underlining the importance of a harmonious balance between ecological preservation and economic advancement. The acknowledgment of GEP’s significance further emphasizes the government’s commitment to sustainable development.

“The GEP estimation is deemed commendable by the President, as it reflects a visionary strategy to leverage and preserve the natural resources abundant in Uttarakhand. By directing attention not only towards the traditional economic metric of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but also towards the environment-oriented GEP, the state aims to reinforce sustainable growth”.

“Uttarakhand, known for its natural beauty and ecological diversity, stands as a prime candidate for a balanced development model that safeguards its environmental treasures while fostering economic prosperity. President Droupadi Murmu’s appreciation of this integrated approach underscores the state’s dedication to comprehensive and sustainable progress”.

The move to measure both the State GDP and the State GEP is a significant stride toward aligning economic growth with environmental consciousness. President Droupadi Murmu’s emphasis on this dual focus reflects a commitment to achieving harmonious development in Uttarakhand, considering the state’s rich natural resources and diverse ecological landscapes.

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