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President Murmu Engages with Students from Army Goodwill School, Farona, Kargil

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In a heartening gesture promoting unity and camaraderie, President Droupadi Murmu recently hosted a group of students from Army Goodwill School, Farona, Kargil, during their National Integration Tour at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Meeting with Students:

The President carved out time from her hectic agenda to connect with a spirited group of students, participating in a friendly and interactive session. The students, who were part of the National Integration Tour, were visibly excited to interact with the Head of State and gain insights into the functioning of the highest office in the country.

Importance of National Integration:

The National Integration Tour, organized by the Army Goodwill School, serves a crucial role in fostering a sense of unity and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds. It provides an opportunity for young minds to witness the cultural and historical richness of different regions, promoting national cohesion and harmony.

Inspiring the Future Generation:

President Murmu’s meeting with the students not only provided them with a memorable experience but also served as an inspiration for young minds to aspire for leadership roles in the future. The interaction highlighted the importance of education, unity, and the role each individual can play in contributing to the progress and harmony of the nation.

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