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President Murmu Extends Birthday Wishes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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On the 17th of September, In a heartwarming gesture, President Droupadi Murmu extended her heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of his birthday. President Murmu’s message resonated with warmth and optimism, reflecting her faith in the Prime Minister’s leadership and the future of India.

In her message, President Murmu conveyed her good wishes to Prime Minister Modi, acknowledging his far-reaching vision and strong leadership. She expressed hope that the Prime Minister’s tenure would pave the way for the comprehensive development of India in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ – a reference to a period of auspiciousness and prosperity.

“President Murmu’s message further emphasized the significance of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership in the nation’s growth and prosperity. She noted, “I pray to God that you always remain healthy and happy and continue to benefit the countrymen with your amazing leadership.” This sentiment reflects the President’s optimism for the Prime Minister’s continued dedication to the welfare and advancement of the nation”.

The warm wishes from President Droupadi Murmu echo the sentiments of millions of Indians who admire and appreciate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to India’s progress. As the nation celebrates this special day in honor of the Prime Minister, these messages of goodwill serve as a reminder of the collective hope and aspiration for a brighter and prosperous India under his leadership.

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