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President Pays Tribute to Former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

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President Droupadi Murmu commemorated the birth anniversary of former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed with solemn floral tributes at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Ahmed, a distinguished lawyer and politician, left an indelible mark on India’s political history during his tenure as the fifth president from 1974 to 1977.

Born in Delhi on May 13, 1905, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s academic pursuits led him to study in Delhi and Cambridge, culminating in his admission to the bar from the Inner Temple, London, in 1928. Returning to India, he embarked on a successful legal career, practicing law in Lahore and later in Guwahati.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s political journey commenced with his affiliation with the Indian National Congress in the 1930s, marking the beginning of a long and illustrious career in public service. He served as the finance minister of Assam in the Gopinath Bordoloi ministry and later held the position of Advocate General of Assam.

Elevating to national prominence, Ahmed became a cabinet minister in Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s government in 1966, overseeing various key ministries, including Power, Irrigation, Industries, and Agriculture. His leadership qualities and commitment to public welfare earned him the presidency in 1974, succeeding over Tridib Chaudhuri.

During his presidency, Ahmed made significant decisions, including the imposition of The Emergency in 1975, which stirred controversy and criticism. Despite facing challenges, Ahmed’s contributions to the nation remain notable, although his tenure has been criticized as a period of constrained civil liberties.

Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed’s sudden demise in February 1977 marked the end of an era in Indian politics. He was accorded a state funeral and laid to rest in a masjid near Parliament House in New Delhi. His legacy as the second Muslim president of India continues to inspire, reflecting his enduring impact on the nation’s democratic ethos.

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