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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Bids Farewell to Retiring Rajya Sabha Members

Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a poignant moment as he bid farewell to the retiring members of the Rajya Sabha, recognizing their profound impact on the nation’s legislative landscape. Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, he reflected on the transient nature of political tenures, contrasting the periodic changes in the Lok Sabha with the biennial rejuvenation of the Rajya Sabha.

In a heartfelt address in Rajya Sabha, Prime Minister Modi paid tribute to the distinguished contributions of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, acknowledging his pivotal role in steering the nation’s democracy. He commended Dr. Singh’s unwavering dedication, citing his inspiring example of attending parliamentary sessions despite physical challenges.

Highlighting the transformative journey of Rajya Sabha members, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the invaluable lessons learned during their tenure. He portrayed the Rajya Sabha as a diverse university of experiences, enriching individuals and fortifying the nation’s developmental endeavors.

Prime Minister Modi underscored the historic significance of the moment, as retiring members bid farewell amidst the commemoration of Amrit Kaal and 75 years of the Constitution. He lauded the resilience of parliamentarians during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, acknowledging their unwavering commitment to national duties.

Addressing a symbolic incident of opposition wearing black clothes, Prime Minister Modi interpreted it as an attempt to ward off negativity amidst the nation’s march towards prosperity. Drawing from ancient scriptures, he emphasized the profound influence of company on character, urging members to remain steadfast in their commitment to national progress.

Prime Minister Modi expressed gratitude to retiring members, recognizing their enduring legacy and offering heartfelt congratulations. He reiterated his best wishes for their future endeavors, confident that their experiences will continue to inspire and guide the nation toward greater heights of success and prosperity.

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