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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates 2000 Railway Projects

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a significant milestone in India’s railway sector by inaugurating and dedicating over 2000 railway infrastructure projects, collectively valued at more than Rs. 41,000 crores. The event, conducted via video conferencing, witnessed the participation of lakhs of people from 500 railway stations and 1500 other venues, underscoring the widespread impact of the initiatives undertaken.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi hailed the event as a testament to the new work culture of New India, characterized by unprecedented speed and scale in implementation. He emphasized the ambitious vision driving initiatives like Viksit Bharat Viksit Railways, reflecting the nation’s resolve to dream big and work tirelessly towards their realization.

Highlighting recent developments in education and healthcare infrastructure in Jammu, Gujarat, and other regions, Prime Minister Modi underscored the massive scale of transformation underway across various sectors. He pointed out the ongoing revamping of 550 stations across 12 states, illustrating the ambitious scope and pace of development initiatives.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the projects unveiled today, valued at Rs. 40,000 crores, are a testament to India’s rapid progress and determination to modernize its railway infrastructure. He commended the citizens of India for their contributions to these initiatives, particularly acknowledging the role of the youth in shaping the future of Viksit Bharat.

Addressing the youth directly, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the employment and self-employment opportunities generated by the development projects. He emphasized the importance of youth participation in realizing the vision of Viksit Bharat, assuring them of the government’s unwavering support in their endeavors.

Prime Minister Modi also unveiled plans for upcoming Amrit Bharat Stations, designed to blend modernity with cultural heritage. He cited examples of stations inspired by local architecture and cultural symbols, underscoring the significance of preserving India’s rich heritage while embracing progress.

Reflecting on the transformative changes witnessed in the railway sector over the past decade, Prime Minister Modi highlighted achievements such as the introduction of modernized semi-high-speed trains, electrification of rail lines, and enhanced cleanliness and safety measures.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated the government’s commitment to accelerating India’s economic growth and development through initiatives like Viksit Bharat Viksit Railways. He envisioned a future where modernized railway infrastructure catalyzes investment, employment generation, and national progress, signaling a promising trajectory for the nation’s railway sector in the years ahead.

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