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PM Narendra Modi Nominated for Grammy Award with ‘Abundance In Millets’

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In a groundbreaking development, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award. The recognition comes for his co-authored song, ‘Abundance In Millets,’ which competes in the Best Global Music Performance category. This marks the first instance of a politician securing a nomination at the Grammy Awards.

The Collaborative Creation: Modi, Falguni Shah, and Gaurav Shah

PM Modi collaborated with Indian-American singer Falguni Shah and her husband Gaurav Shah to write ‘Abundance In Millets.’ The song, released on June 16, advocates for millet cultivation and highlights its nutritional benefits.

Modi’s Voice in Music: A Speech for Millet Cultivation

At Falguni Shah’s request, Prime Minister Modi delivered a speech within the song, a unique addition to the Grammy landscape. The lyrical content underscores the significance of millet farming, aiming to address global hunger issues. The composition, created to celebrate the International Year of Millets, serves as a powerful message urging farmers to cultivate millets.

This nomination not only marks a musical milestone for Modi but also emphasizes the impact of art in conveying important social messages. The Grammy Awards, known for honoring excellence in the music industry, now sees a prominent political figure among its nominees, highlighting the song’s unique blend of political and artistic influence.

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