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Probationers from Indian Railways’ 2018 Batch Meet President Murmu.

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A group of 255 probationers from the 2018 batch of Indian Railways had the honor of meeting with President Smt. Droupadi Murmu at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Centre on September 14, 2023. During this significant encounter, the President underscored the pivotal role that Indian Railways plays in the nation’s economy, unity, and socio-cultural diversity.

The President emphasized that it is the responsibility of young officers like the probationers to carry forward the rich legacy of the railway ecosystem. She encouraged them to work diligently towards positioning Indian Railways as a provider of world-class services.

In the contemporary world, technology serves as a driving force across all sectors, and the President stressed that Indian Railways, given its massive daily passenger and freight transportation responsibilities, must harness technology to its fullest potential. She called upon the young officers to play a pivotal role in advancing technological solutions for a transportation system that is both people-friendly and eco-friendly, thus contributing to the nation’s technological progress.

Acknowledging that train journeys often create cherished memories for passengers, the President urged the officers to treat passengers as valued guests and provide them with exceptional service and experiences. She placed a strong emphasis on passenger safety, advocating for the development of advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence-based applications to establish efficient and foolproof rail safety systems.

The meeting with President Smt. Droupadi Murmu served as an opportunity for these young officers to gain valuable insights and guidance on their role in shaping the future of Indian Railways. The President’s message resonated with the probationers, inspiring them to contribute wholeheartedly to the continued growth and modernization of one of India’s most vital institutions.

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