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Raag Seva at Lord Shri Ram’s Feet by R. Kumaresh and Jayanti

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A 45-day long program of devotional music at the feet of Lord Shri Ram, known as “Raag Seva”. Over 100 artists will dedicate themselves to serving Lord Shri Ram at the Shri Ram Lalla temple during this period. Today’s Raag Seva at the feet of Lord Shri Ram, presented by R. Kumaresha and Jayanti Kumaresha, will feature the sweet melodies of the Dhanurveda and Saraswati veena.

This musical offering is a part of the ongoing tradition of Raag Seva, where musicians express their devotion through classical music. The serene atmosphere of the temple, coupled with the soul-stirring melodies, creates a profound spiritual experience for both performers and listeners alike.

The Raag Seva program aims to evoke a sense of divine bliss and harmony, allowing devotees to connect with the divine on a deeper level. Through the universal language of music, the artists convey their reverence and love for Lord Shri Ram, enriching the spiritual ambiance of the temple. This 45-day musical tribute serves as a testament to the timeless devotion and cultural richness surrounding the worship of Lord Shri Ram.

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