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Raksha Mantri Approves Setting up of 23 New Sainik Schools in Partnership Mode.

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The Government of India, in alignment with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary goal of establishing 100 new Sainik Schools, has taken a significant step forward by approving the creation of 23 additional Sainik Schools in partnership mode. This initiative aims to provide quality education to students while offering them enhanced career prospects, including opportunities to join the Armed Forces.

“Sainik Schools have long been recognized for their contribution to molding disciplined and responsible citizens, and this expansion aligns with the educational reforms outlined in the National Education Policy. These schools not only focus on academic excellence but also instill values of leadership, integrity, and patriotism in their students”.

Under this initiative, the Ministry of Defence has signed Memoranda of Agreement (MoAs) with 19 new Sainik Schools across the nation, further expanding the network of such institutions. These schools will function in partnership with NGOs, private schools, and state governments in a graded manner, starting from Class 6th onwards.

The newly approved 23 Sainik Schools, along with the existing 33 schools functioning under the erstwhile pattern, bring the total number of Sainik Schools operating under the aegis of the Sainik Schools Society to 42. This marks a substantial step toward enhancing educational opportunities for students across the country.

The partnership mode not only diversifies the resources available for the development of these institutions but also encourages the active involvement of the private sector in nation-building. It is an opportunity for the government and the private sector to collaborate closely in refining and nurturing the youth, enabling them to become responsible and contributing citizens of tomorrow.

“These new Sainik Schools will follow the Rules and Regulations prescribed by the Sainik Schools Society and will offer an Academic PLUS curriculum in addition to their regular affiliated board curriculum. This holistic approach ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for various career paths, including the Armed Forces”.

For detailed information about the 23 newly approved Sainik Schools and their operational modalities, interested students and parents are encouraged to visit the official web portal at This initiative promises to open doors to quality education and promising career prospects for India’s youth while strengthening the foundation of responsible citizenship and national service.

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