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Recent Light Rainfall in Rayalaseema Region: “IMD Updates”

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has reported light rainfall in the Rayalaseema region. Several areas in this region received varying amounts of rainfall today. Madanapalle in Annamayya district recorded the highest rainfall at 8 cm, followed by Tirupati in Tirupati district and Arogyavaram in Annamayya District, both receiving 7 cm of rainfall. Punganur in Chittoor District also experienced a drizzle of 7 cm.

LocationRainfall (cm)
Madanapalle (Annamayya district)8
Tirupati (Tirupati district)7
Arogyavaram (Annamayya District)7
Punganur (Chittoor District)7

This rainfall serves as a reminder for residents and travelers in these areas to stay informed about weather conditions and take necessary precautions. Rainfall can impact road conditions and visibility, so it’s essential to exercise caution while traveling during such weather events.

It’s advisable to keep track of weather updates from reliable sources and stay prepared for any changes in weather patterns. Rainfall can vary significantly within a region, so staying informed about local conditions is crucial for safety and well-being.

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