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Remembering His Holiness Dr. Sivakumara Swamigalu: PM Modi Pays Tribute

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to the revered humanitarian and spiritual leader, Dr. Sree Sree Sree Sivakumara Swamigalu, on his Jayanti, celebrating his enduring legacy of selfless service and compassion.

“Tributes to His Holiness Dr. Sivakumara Swamigalu on his Jayanti. He has made unparalleled contributions towards community service, embodying the true spirit of selflessness and compassion,” Prime Minister Modi remarked, acknowledging the profound impact of Swamigalu’s humanitarian endeavors.

Born Shivanna on April 1, 1907, Dr. Sivakumara Swamigalu dedicated his life to serving humanity, establishing himself as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Joining the Siddaganga Matha in Karnataka in 1930, he ascended to the position of head seer in 1941, leading with wisdom and compassion.

Swamigalu’s vision extended beyond spiritual guidance, as he founded the Sri Siddaganga Education Society, laying the foundation for transformative change through education. His commitment to nurturing young minds and providing access to quality education earned him widespread admiration and respect.

Described as the most esteemed adherent of Lingayatism, Sivakumara Swamigalu earned the endearing title of “Nadedaaduva Devaru” (walking God) in the state of Karnataka, symbolizing his embodiment of divine virtues in his humanitarian mission.

Prime Minister Modi lauded Sivakumara Swamigalu’s multifaceted contributions, stating, “His work in education, healthcare, and social welfare has touched millions of lives, and set a profound example of dedication and humanitarian service.” Swamigalu’s tireless efforts continue to resonate, inspiring individuals and institutions to uphold the values of compassion and service.

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