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Remembering the Poetic Essence of Karnataka: Tribute to KS Nisar Ahmed

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the eminent poet KS Nisar Ahmed, DK Shivakumar fondly recalls the literary legacy of KS Nisar Ahmed and his enchanting contribution to Kannada literature.

DK Shivakumar praised the late poet, particularly highlighting his notable work, “Nityotsava” – a poetic celebration of Karnataka. KS Nisar Ahmed, born on February 5, 1936, left an indelible mark on Kannada literature, receiving prestigious accolades such as the Padma Shri in 2008 and the Rajyotsava Award in 1981. His significant contributions earned him the Pampa Award in 2017, a testament to his enduring impact on Kannada literature.

Nisar Ahmed’s literary journey was characterized by simplicity and depth, as reflected in his adept use of uncomplicated language that resonated profoundly with the public. His masterpiece, “Nityotsava,” an ode to Karnataka inspired by the majestic Jog Falls, remains a timeless testament to his poetic prowess.

Acknowledging Ahmed’s extensive body of work, encompassing poems, translations, and children’s literature, DK Shivakumar emphasized the poet’s ability to capture the essence of Karnataka in a captivating and relatable manner. KS Nisar Ahmed’s writings continue to serve as a source of inspiration, connecting with readers on a profound level.

As we commemorate KS Nisar Ahmed’s birth anniversary, his legacy endures, reminding us of the cultural richness and literary brilliance he bestowed upon Karnataka and the wider literary landscape.

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