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Renowned Singer Ranjana Jha to Grace Today’s Shri Ram Raag Seva in Ayodhya

Today’s Shri Ram Raag Seva at the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya holds special significance as it pays homage to Lord Shri Ramlala Sarkar’s divine feet. Renowned singer Ranjana Jha from Bihar will lead the proceedings with a mesmerizing performance, showcasing various traditional art forms including Vidyapati Nachari, Ram Vivah, Gari, and folk singing.

The event promises to be a spiritual and cultural extravaganza, drawing devotees and enthusiasts alike from across the region. Vidyapati Nachari, a classical dance form, will depict scenes from the life of Lord Ram, captivating the audience with its grace and devotion. Ram Vivah, the sacred marriage of Lord Ram and Sita, will be reenacted with fervor, invoking blessings for harmony and prosperity.

Gari, a traditional folk dance, will add vibrancy to the celebration, symbolizing the joy and festivity associated with Lord Ram’s divine presence. Ranjana Jha’s soulful singing will further elevate the atmosphere, filling hearts with devotion and reverence.

As devotees gather to witness this auspicious occasion, the air will be filled with chants and prayers, reverberating with the divine energy of Lord Ramlala Sarkar. The Shri Ram Raag Seva serves as a reminder of the eternal bond between devotees and their beloved deity, uniting them in devotion and love.

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