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Revving Up Consumer Empowerment: Nitin Gadkari Extends Wishes On World Consumer Rights Day

On the 15th of March Nitin Gadkari Wishes Everyone World Consumer Rights Day.

Nitin Gadkari said On World Consumer Rights Day, let’s recognize the power we have as informed and responsible consumers to make a difference in the world. Let’s commit to being conscious consumers and using our choices to positively impact society.

Consumer rights are fundamental to any free market economy. In recognition of this, World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated annually on March 15th. This day marks a significant moment for the global consumer community, as it provides a platform to address consumer issues and advocate for better consumer protection.

The first observance of World Consumer Rights Day was in 1962, initiated by Consumer International, a federation of over 200 consumer organizations in more than 100 countries. The goal of the day is to promote consumer protection and demand that consumers’ rights be respected and protected worldwide. Since then, the day has been observed annually, with each year highlighting a specific theme or issue related to consumer rights.

Consumer protection is crucial to ensure that businesses act fairly and transparently toward consumers, providing them with safe, reliable, and quality products and services. Consumer protection laws also ensure that consumers are protected from fraudulent and unfair business practices, such as misleading advertising, price fixing, and false labeling. By protecting consumers’ rights, we can prevent exploitation, abuse, and harm to consumers, and promote a healthy and fair economy.

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