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Social Media Storm: Couple’s Bhojpuri Performance on Railway Platform Goes Viral

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A recent Instagram video by Ankit Dancer, an Indian social media influencer boasting 2 million followers, has ignited controversy. Posted on 26 November, the video features a couple energetically dancing to a Bhojpuri song on a crowded railway platform.

The viral video has garnered over 636K likes, prompting a heated discussion among social media users. The couple’s bold dance moves amid a densely packed train backdrop have elicited both praise and criticism.

While some lauded the couple’s energy and talent, others swiftly condemned what they perceived as an audacious act of public dancing. Social media comments ranged from impressed statements like, “This much confidence is all I need in life,” to praising the dance as “mind-blowing.”

However, not everyone appreciated the impromptu performance, sparking a debate on the appropriateness of such public displays.

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