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Sonam Kapoor Celebrates Son Vayu’s First Birthday: Heartwarming Moments Shared

The joyous atmosphere resonated with celebrations as Vayu Kapoor Ahuja, the son of Bollywood luminary Sonam Kapoor, marked his first birthday. The occasion was marked by an extravagant celebration, with actress Sonam Kapoor leaving no stone unturned in making it a memorable event. The images of this heartwarming celebration have taken social media by storm, offering a glimpse into the wonderful festivities.

Overflowing Love from Sonam Kapoor

Actress Sonam Kapoor embraced the milestone with sheer exuberance, celebrating her son Vayu Kapoor Ahuja’s first birthday in grand style. The event, held the previous day, was a display of love, happiness, & cherished moments.

A House Adorned with Balloons

In a series of pictures shared on social media, Sonam Kapoor gave a peek into the decorations that adorned their entire house. The home was transformed into a delightful space, adorned with vibrant balloons and decorations that reflected the joyous occasion.

Happiness and Blessings

As the festivities unfolded, the Kapoor-Ahuja residence was brimming with delectable dishes prepared for the occasion. Alongside the culinary delights, a special puja was organized, seeking blessings for the young Vayu Kapoor Ahuja.

A Moment of Worship

Sonam Kapoor and her husband, Anand Ahuja, led a heartwarming puja at home to mark their son’s birthday. The images captured this spiritual moment, as the family gathered in reverence to mark this significant day.

Family Bonds and Grandparents’ Love

Vayu’s grandparents, both paternal and maternal, shared in the joyous occasion. Their presence added an extra layer of warmth to the celebration, with photographs capturing the joy and pride radiating from their faces.

As Vayu Kapoor Ahuja turned one, the Kapoor-Ahuja family showered him with love, blessings, and festivities. Sonam Kapoor’s sharing of these heartfelt moments on social media has allowed fans and followers to share in their joy and celebrate the journey of motherhood with her. The images of the first birthday celebrations continue to resonate with warmth and love across social media platforms.

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