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SRK’s Film ‘Jawan’ Inspires Keerthy Suresh & Atlee’s Wife to Groove on ‘Chaleya’

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Shahrukh Khan’s latest film, “Jawan,” is taking the big screen by storm, and fans are loving its songs. Director Atlee’s wife, South Indian superstar actress Kirti Suresh, was so impressed by the song “Main Ta Chaleya Teri Ore” from “Jawan” that they both created a viral reel dancing to this trending tune. Keerthi Suresh recently shared the video, which is rapidly gaining popularity. In the video, they both dance exuberantly, and it’s even more amusing to see what poor Atlee is up to.

The Dance of Keerthy Suresh and Atlee’s Wife

While the entire country is caught up in the “Jawan” frenzy and grooving to the film’s songs, Priya Atlee, the wife of the film’s director Atlee, and South India’s beautiful actress Keerthy Suresh are also going gaga over “Jawan.” They couldn’t resist dancing to the song “Main Ta Chaleya Teri Ore.”

Keerthy Suresh recently shared a video on her official Instagram account where she and Priya are seen dancing to the song with Atlee. Both of them look adorable in this video. In the video, while the director’s wife Priya is wearing an oversized shirt with ripped jeans, Keerthy Suresh is seen wearing a long shirt with black jeggings and dancing gracefully to the song.

The Funniest Part of the Video

The funniest part of this video is that the director of “Jawan,” Atlee, is seen walking his pet dog back and forth during the dance. In the middle of the song, Atlee, wearing a black T-shirt and sweatpants, casually strolls into the frame with his pet dog. He then bashfully joins Keerthy Suresh and Priya, making the video even more endearing. This video of Keerthy and Priya is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Notably, Bollywood celebrities like actors Varun Dhawan and Sania Malhotra have also shown their appreciation for this video.

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