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STF Action Begins: Neeraj Yadav Arrested Made in UP Police Recruitment Paper Leak Case

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UP Police: The Special Task Force (STF) has commenced its operations in the UP Police Recruitment Paper Leak case, making a significant breakthrough with the arrest of Neeraj Yadav. Neeraj Yadav, a resident of Ballia, stands accused of distributing answer keys to candidates via WhatsApp.

Following the revelation of the paper leak, the Yogi government swiftly announced the cancellation of the police recruitment examination conducted on the 17th and 18th of this month. The examination witnessed an overwhelming response, with 48 lakh candidates vying for 60 thousand posts. The decision to cancel the exam stems from the grave concerns surrounding its integrity.

To investigate the matter thoroughly, a specialized team has been constituted to uncover the full extent of the breach. The UP government has pledged to identify all individuals involved and ensure they face the strictest penalties for their actions.

“Furthermore, Chief Minister Yogi has mandated the conduct of a fresh examination within six months. He underscored this directive through a social media post, reiterating the government’s commitment to fair and transparent recruitment processes”.

During the original examination, stringent security measures were implemented to prevent any malpractice. Electronic devices were prohibited within examination centers, with jammers installed to thwart Bluetooth or other communication devices, ensuring the integrity of the examination process.

As the investigation progresses and efforts to restore trust in the recruitment system intensify, the government remains steadfast in its resolve to uphold the principles of fairness, accountability, and justice. The arrest of Neeraj Yadav marks a significant milestone in unraveling the complexities of the paper leak case, signaling a step forward in restoring integrity to the recruitment process.

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