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Sunanda Sharma of Banarasi Seniya Gharana to Dedicate Today’s Ram-Raag Seva

Today’s Shri Ram-Raag Seva at Ayodhya Ram Mandir holds special significance as it will be dedicated to Lord Shri Ramlala Sarkar by renowned folk singer Sunanda Sharma of the Banarasi Seniya Gharana.

Sunanda Sharma’s Musical Legacy

Sunanda Sharma, hailing from the prestigious Banarasi Seniya Gharana, is known for her soul-stirring renditions of traditional folk music. With her melodious voice and deep-rooted musical heritage, she brings a unique charm to every performance.

Honoring Lord Shri Ramlala Sarkar

The act of dedicating today’s Shri Ram-Raag Seva to Lord Shri Ramlala Sarkar underscores the reverence and devotion towards the deity. Sunanda Sharma’s musical tribute serves as a heartfelt offering to the divine, symbolizing the spiritual connection between music and devotion.

Celebrating Cultural Heritage

The event not only celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India but also highlights the importance of preserving traditional music forms. Sunanda Sharma’s participation exemplifies the seamless integration of art and spirituality, fostering a deeper appreciation for our cultural roots.

Spreading Divine Harmony

Through her mesmerizing performance, Sunanda Sharma aims to spread divine harmony and invoke blessings upon all devotees gathered at Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Her rendition of the Shri Ram-Raag Seva is sure to resonate deeply with listeners, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity in the sacred surroundings.

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