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That’s my style: Elvish Yadav Clarifies Controversial Slap Incident

Amidst the ongoing discussion surrounding his recent slap controversy, Elvish Yadav, winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 and renowned YouTuber, has released a clarifying audio clip.

The controversy erupted after a video surfaced showing Elvish allegedly slapping a man at a Jaipur restaurant, prompting widespread discussion on social media. In response, Elvish has taken to social media to offer his perspective on the incident.

In the audio clip, Elvish asserts, “I neither seek nor endorse violence. I maintain a non-confrontational demeanor. However, I won’t tolerate disrespect. If someone insults me, I reciprocate in kind.”

He further elaborates, “I have no regrets about my actions. It’s who I am. If someone verbally abuses me, I respond likewise. I have no remorse. He verbally attacked me, and I retaliated. That’s my style.”

Elvish emphasizes that the situation escalated due to personal provocation and highlights his stance on self-respect and retaliation. He concludes by stating that while he doesn’t regret his actions, he maintains a policy of non-violence and aims to address conflicts peacefully.

Elvish’s audio clip provides insight into his perspective on the contentious incident, sparking further discussion and debate among his followers and the public at large.

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