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Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh Updates: ’12thFail’ Continues to Shine at the Box Office

A simultaneous release graced the silver screen as Vikrant Massey’s ’12th Fail’ and Kangana Ranaut’s high-flying action movie ‘Tejas’ debuted on the same day. Notably, ’12th Fail’ is the one garnering widespread acclaim.

Renowned trade analyst Taran Adarsh ​​recently shared the exciting 9th-day box office collection of the film ’12th Fail’ on Twitter. The film has been witnessing remarkable success, with business surging during its second Saturday, surpassing even the numbers from its initial weekend.

Impressive Second Saturday Performance

According to Taran Adarsh, ’12thFail’ saw an extraordinary surge in its box office earnings on its second Saturday, surpassing the figures from both its first Saturday and Sunday. This remarkable performance underscores the movie’s growing popularity and strong word-of-mouth, drawing audiences back to the theaters.

Impact of Cricket Match

While the film has been enjoying a stellar run, Adarsh also noted that its business might face a potential dip on Sunday due to the highly anticipated India vs. South Africa cricket match. Despite this, a solid overall collection is expected for the film.

Week 2 Earnings

Adarsh revealed the specific numbers for ’12thFail’ in its second week. On Friday, the movie raked in 1.75 crore rupees, and its earnings soared to 3.40 crore rupees on Saturday. This brought the film’s total collection to an impressive 18.15 crore rupees, exclusively in the Indian market.

’12thFail’ continues to captivate audiences and make a significant impact at the box office. Its success reflects the movie’s ability to resonate with viewers, turning it into a notable success in the Indian film industry.

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