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Traffic Disruption on Delhi’s Outer Ring Road: Congestion due to bus breakdown

A significant traffic disturbance has unfolded along Delhi’s Outer Ring Road, specifically in the carriageway from Modi Mill towards Chirag Delhi. This disruption is attributed to a bus breakdown in the vicinity of Bhairon Mandir, causing delays and congestion, significantly impacting the flow of traffic in the area.

Commuters and motorists traveling through this route are confronted with the repercussions of the bus breakdown, leading to slower movement and increased congestion on the Outer Ring Road. This unfortunate incident has triggered a significant disturbance, urging commuters to exercise caution and adapt their travel plans accordingly.

“Authorities and traffic management advisories are alerting commuters to proactively plan their journeys, considering the prevailing traffic situation caused by the bus breakdown near Bhairon Mandir. The advice extends to suggesting alternative routes or adjusting travel timings to minimize inconvenience and potential delays”.

In light of this traffic disruption, commuters are strongly advised to remain informed about the ongoing situation, consider alternate routes if possible, and exhibit patience while navigating through the affected area. Delays are expected due to the breakdown, and pre-planning and patience will be key for a smoother travel experience for individuals traversing the Outer Ring Road in the affected vicinity.

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