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UNESCO’s Recognition of Garba as Intangible Heritage: A Proud Moment for Millions of Gujaratis

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Garba, the exuberant dance form synonymous with Gujarat’s cultural richness, is set to achieve global recognition as UNESCO declares it an intangible cultural heritage. The ceremony, scheduled in Botswana, will be broadcast live at 6 pm today, marking a significant milestone for the cultural identity of Gujarat.

The official government list outlines special cultural programs, complemented by traditional Garba performances at four designated locations. This announcement underscores the global significance of Garba, a dance form deeply embedded in the cultural fabric of Gujarat and revered as a form of worship to Adishakti.

“Garba’s unique ability to transcend boundaries of caste, religion, language, and dialect makes it a powerful symbol of cultural unity. It has played a pivotal role in fostering social harmony and community life in Gujarat. The Garba tradition, particularly during the festival of Navratri, has not only become a cultural spectacle but also holds the distinction of being the world’s longest-running festival”.

The enchanting rhythm and vibrant colors of Garba have attracted people from across the country to Gujarat, making it a must-experience cultural phenomenon during Navratri. Rooted in devotion, affection, and traditional cooperation, Garba sung in groups has become an integral part of social life, embodying a sublime spirit of inspiration and enthusiasm.

“Despite its centuries-old origin, the Garba tradition remains lively, acting as a guardian of Gujarat’s folk life. With UNESCO’s impending declaration, Garba is poised to be immortalized as an invaluable cultural heritage, symbolizing the enduring legacy of Gujarat’s rich traditions”.

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