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Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh to Inaugurate the 8th All India Pension Adalat and 50th PRC Workshop.

  1. All India Pension Adalat: Union Minister Jitendra Singh will inaugurate the 8th All India Pension Adalat in Delhi, focusing on resolving chronic pension-related cases.
  2. Virtual Connectivity: The Pension Adalat will be linked through video conferencing (VC) with other locations where similar Adalats are being organized by different ministries/departments across India.
  3. Previous Adalats: The Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare has organized 7 All India Pension Adalats to date, resolving 17,235 out of 24,218 cases taken up during these events.
  4. Pre-Retirement Counselling (PRC) Workshop: The minister will also preside over the 50th PRC Workshop in New Delhi, which is organized for 1,200 officers from various ministries/departments who are due to retire within the next 6 months.

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh to inaugurate the 8th All India Pension Adalat in Delhi. This event aims to address and resolve chronic cases related to pension and retirement benefits. The Pension Adalat will also be linked through virtual communication to different locations across India where similar Adalats are being organized by various Ministries/Departments.

Over the years, the Department has successfully conducted several Pension Adalats, bringing relief to numerous pensioners. In addition to the Adalat, the Minister will preside over the 50th PRC Workshop, benefiting retiring government employees by providing them with essential information and guidance on various aspects related to retirement.

Pension Adalat Linked through VC at Different Locations

The Pension Adalat is not confined to Delhi alone but has also been linked through video conferencing (VC) to various locations across India. This innovative approach allows for the organization of Pension Adalats by different Ministries and Departments throughout the country. Virtual connectivity enables the seamless handling of complicated cases, regardless of geographical barriers. By bringing together stakeholders from diverse locations, the government aims to streamline the resolution process and ensure justice for pensioners across the nation.

Impressive Track Record of Resolutions

Over the years, the Department has successfully organized seven All India Pension Adalats, demonstrating its commitment to serving pensioners. During these events, a staggering 24,218 cases have been taken up, and an impressive 17,235 cases have been resolved. This track record exemplifies the effectiveness of the Pension Adalat initiative in addressing pension-related grievances and ensuring timely resolutions. The upcoming 8th All India Pension Adalat aims to build upon this success and provide much-needed relief to pensioners facing chronic issues.

Pre-Retirement Counselling Workshop for Smooth TransitionImpressive Track Record of Resolutions

In addition to the Pension Adalat, Dr Jitendra Singh will preside over the 50th Pre-Retirement Counselling (PRC) Workshop in New Delhi. This workshop, organized by the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare, is designed to support 1,200 officers from all Ministries and Departments who are retiring within the next six months. The PRC serves as a valuable resource for individuals transitioning into retirement by providing essential guidance and information.

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