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Unique Chai: Goa Tea Vendor’s Old Monk Rum Chai Video Goes Viral

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A video circulating on social media has turned heads as it captures a tea vendor at Café Aguada in Goa transforming the traditional chai experience. Adding an innovative flair, the vendor introduces Old Monk Rum to the clay cup, resulting in the creation of a unique blend known as “Old Monk Rum Chai.”

Viral Excitement and Reaction

The video commenced with the vendor introducing a unique element by adding sugar to a flaming Kulhad cup, further enhancing the experience with an aerial swing. The distinctive touch unfolded as Old Monk Rum was poured into the earthen vessel, resulting in the creation of the innovative “Old Monk Rum Chai.” The process extended as milk was incorporated into the cup, and the final product was showcased alongside a timeless rum bottle.

The video, featuring the vibrant crafting of the unique chai, stirred enthusiasm among internet users who showed keen interest in sampling this unconventional beverage.

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